Taking the Plunge and the Blogs That Helped Me

Taking the plunge to try my hand at being a freelance writer has been nerve racking. Here’s the blogs I found the most useful:

  1. Make a Living Writing – Carol Tice has advice for everyone, whether you’re starting out just like me or a seasoned freelancer. Some of my favorite posts found on her blog:
    1. Afraid No One Will Take You Seriously as a Freelance Writer?
    2. Grow Your Blog: Steal Tips From My Social Media Marketing Experiment
    3. 7 Reasons You Have More Clips Than You Think
    4. 7 Inspiring Thoughts to Cure Your Newbie Writer Jitters
  2. The Renegade Writer is a known presence in the freelance writing world and her posts are fantastic.
    1. How to Get the Most Mileage – and Money – Out of Your Writing by Double-Dipping (I love, love the idea of reusing old research to write a new article)
    2. How to Be Freaking Epic as a Freelance Writer
    3. Let’s Make Your Article Ideas Not Suck – Right Now
  3. The Freelancer
    1. Flowchart: When Should You Work for Free?
    2. How I (Barely) Survived My First Year as a Full-Time Freelancer
    3. Ask a Freelancer: To Get Better Gigs, What Should I Do This Week? This Month? This Year?
    4. Freelance Rates Database