Review of Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland


I love this book.

The reason I absolutely love this book is because I’m a panster. Or maybe that’s the only way I knew how to write before I read Outlining Your Novel, because I’m the kind of person who usually wants to be as organized as possible. But before I read this, I couldn’t outline no matter how hard I’d try. And I’d try, certainly.  But then I’d give up and go at it NaNoWriMo style and end up with a pile of mush with very little salvageable material.

But following the advice you can find in Outlining Your Novel, I find the end result isn’t so terrible that nothing is salvageable. It makes the editing seem more manageable, the plot more coherent the first time around. I don’t have to try nearly as hard to contort an unwieldy manuscript into something that makes a lick of sense.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who either already outlines and wants to try a different way, or anyone like me who struggled to find an outlining style that was appropriate and helpful.


Taking the Plunge and the Blogs That Helped Me

Taking the plunge to try my hand at being a freelance writer has been nerve racking. Here’s the blogs I found the most useful:

  1. Make a Living Writing – Carol Tice has advice for everyone, whether you’re starting out just like me or a seasoned freelancer. Some of my favorite posts found on her blog:
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    3. 7 Reasons You Have More Clips Than You Think
    4. 7 Inspiring Thoughts to Cure Your Newbie Writer Jitters
  2. The Renegade Writer is a known presence in the freelance writing world and her posts are fantastic.
    1. How to Get the Most Mileage – and Money – Out of Your Writing by Double-Dipping (I love, love the idea of reusing old research to write a new article)
    2. How to Be Freaking Epic as a Freelance Writer
    3. Let’s Make Your Article Ideas Not Suck – Right Now
  3. The Freelancer
    1. Flowchart: When Should You Work for Free?
    2. How I (Barely) Survived My First Year as a Full-Time Freelancer
    3. Ask a Freelancer: To Get Better Gigs, What Should I Do This Week? This Month? This Year?
    4. Freelance Rates Database